Kill em' with Kindness
"To love is to destroy."
-The Mortal Instruments (via psych-facts)
I wish..

well, I’m glad you were productive today

but i know there’s something wrong ..something thats not being said.

I wish I could fix it, I wish that you were in my arms to look me in the eyes.

I wish you would have stayed up a little later because I always wait on you.. 

i miss you

I trust you, I don’t care if you go out.

I don’t care if you make friends.

I don’t care if you party smoke and drink.

What I do care about is you …

about us..

I may pick fights out of jealousy because I can’t be there.

I may talk out of my ass just because I get scared.

I can cope with distance fine, I don’t need to see you everyday.   

What I do need is communication

communication is key if the locks still the same.

Don’t let the locks change, don’t let us fade, and prove there’s a bit of hope still left  

if you really cared

you would fucking try as hard as i always have and will